Matlab Motion Capture GUI



This page contains software and instructions for a Matlab-based GUI interface for loading and playing the CMU Motion Capture dataset.


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>> cd mocgui >> ls addPath.m mocgui.m demo.m mocgui.fig data lib src >> addPath >> mocgui

Package Content

The package of mocgui contains following folders and files:
data: This folder contains a subset of the CMU Motion Capture dataset.
src: This folder contains the main implementation of the GUI interface.
lib: This folder contains some necessary library functions.
addPath.m: Adds the sub-directories into the path of Matlab.
mocgui.m: The interface function.
mocgui.fig: The Matlab fig file to save the window configuration.
demoMoc.m: A demo file for loading and visualizing motion capture data.


How to load more data?

All the mocap data are located under data/cmu. In this package, I have put a folder data/cmu/S02 containing all the sequences performed by subject S02. You can download more data from the website of the CMU Motion Capture dataset and put the files in a similar structure as the folder data/cmu/S02.

how to show one frame of a mocap data?

At the end of demoMoc.m, you can find an example of showing one frame of a mocap data.

How to get the coordinate of a mocap data?

The function cmuMoc creates a structure variable named wsMoc, which contains all the mocap data for one sequence. In particular, wsMoc.QC is a 3 x nJ x nF matrix, containing the 3D coordinate of nJ joints of a nF-length motion capture data. You can check the code demoMoc.m for the example. At the end of demoMoc.m, you can find an example of showing one frame of a mocap data.

Change Log


This software is free for use in research projects. If you publish results obtained using this software, please use this citation:

@article{ZhouDH13,     author = {Feng Zhou and Fernando {De la Torre} and Jessica K. Hodgins},     title = {Hierarchical Aligned Cluster Analysis for Temporal Clustering of Human Motion},     journal = {IEEE Transactions Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI)},     year = {2013},     volume = {35},     number = {3},     pages = {582-596}, }

Contributing back bugfixes and improvements is polite and encouraged. If you have any question, feel free to contact Feng Zhou.