Software for Space-Time Saliency



This page contains software and instructions for Space-Time Saliency[1].


The code is divided into two parts: Part 1 is hosted on Microsoft's website, containing the core implementation of the space-time saliency method; Part 2 is hosted on GitHub, containing the auxiliary files (including library, toolbox, a video and a demo) to use this code. You need to download both parts and unzip them in the same folder (eg, ./sal).

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>> cd sal >> ls make.m addPath.m demoSal.m data core src lib tool >> make >> addPath >> demoSal

Package Content

The package contains following folders and files:
data: This folder contains a video sequence as example.
core: This folder contains the main implementation of the space-time saliency algorithm.
src: This folder contains a wrapper of the space-time saliency for any video input.
lib: This folder contains some necessary library functions.
tool: This folder contains some 3rd party toolboxes.
make.m: Matlab makefile for C++ code.
addPath.m: Adds the sub-directories into the path of Matlab.
demoSal.m: A demo file for generating and visualizing the saliency for a video input.


Error in using the gbh_stream method provided in the LIBSVX toolbox.

So far I have compiled the gbh_stream method on four systems:
  • tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/gbh_stream_osx for Mac OSX Mavericks;
  • tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/gbh_stream_linux for Ubuntu 64bit;
  • tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/gbh_stream_win64.exe for Windows 7 64bit. Thanks Wei for the help.
  • tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/gbh_stream_win32.exe for Windows 7 32bit.
If your system is different from the above, you can try to compile the file sal/tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/src/gbh_stream.cpp or sal/tool/2012_ECCV_LIBSVX/src_win/gbh_stream.cpp via any C++ compiler (eg., I used MinGW on Windows) as:
g++ gbh_stream.cpp -o ../gbh_stream_XXX;
If you can run the code successfully on a different system, I would appreciate that you can share the compiled gbh_stream_XXX file with me so that other people can directly use it.

Error in compiling Ce Liu's optical flow toolbox.

You can directly download the original mex files from Ce Liu's website and skip the compiling.

Change Log



This software is free for use in research projects. If you publish results obtained using this software, please use this citation:

@inproceedings{ZhouKC14,     author = {F. Zhou, S.-B. Kang and M. Cohen},     title = {Time-Mapping Using Space-Time Saliency},     booktitle = {IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},     year = {2014}, }

Contributing back bug fixes and improvements is polite and encouraged. If you have any question, feel free to contact Feng Zhou.